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Dan Salomon - Composer, Singer-Songwriter, producer and performer.

His way is accompanied by humility, sensitivity, quietness and endless motion.

With his delicate singing and forceful piano skills, Dan is able to touch deep in your heart and create a sense of intimacy and home alongside humor, animosity and spirit uplifting energy.

Dan's music is a deep roller coaster uplifting and energetic, one who allows breath and a moment to stop and reflect on our hectic day to day life. This through delightful melodies and words that tell his stories, and maybe even yours.

Along the way, Dan cooperated with several Israeli artists such as Ishay Ribo, Idan Amedi, Shlomi Bracha, Peter Rot, Hadas Kleinman & Aviv Bachar, Eliezer Botzer and many more.

In 2013 Dan attended “The Voice Israel” music talent competition and reached the semi-finals, being one of the leading contestants and remembered for his exceptional and moving performances.

Two years ago Dan took part of a successful duo with Hadas Balas, together they have performed in several festivals and venues among them opening concerts for  

“The Idan Reichel project”, Shlomi Shaban and more.


On November 2019 Dan recorded & published his debut album “Contemplation”.

A Piano&Vocal Intuitive Improvisation Album, performed and recorded live, In a collaboration between his piano creativity melodies and harmonies and his vocalic infusion and gentleness, creating his musical branding of documenting the moment in the space he is in. allowing the listener the possibility of meditation through music it self...

During the years, Dan has also recorded & published songs he wrote and composed, such as "Meir Alay Or", "Olam Shel Shalom" and more.

In the last 3 years and proceeding in 2023, Dan is working on two amazing musical projects that hopefully will be out this year.

Hope you all enjoy the music !




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